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Fabulous Place
In order to appreciate Shelter
Island's beauty, you have to see
it from the water.
Year Round Elegance
No matter what time of year, the
island offers different things to
different people. Winter is very
quiet and laid back.
About Shelter Island
Located on the east end of Long Island,
Shelter Island boasts more than 20
miles of sandy shoreline and many
inlets, creeks and put-in spots. Shelter
Island is one of the jewels of the
northeast when it comes to paddling.
Year-Round Elegance
The height of Shelter Island's beauty comes during the summer months when
the greenery is at its fullest and the water is teeming with life. However, spring
and early autumn feature calmer waters due to less recreational boat traffic.
Paddlers have been known to test the chilly waters during those rare milder days
in the winter.
Here's a list of some activities you can take part in while paddling
Shelter Island:
This website
Throughout this website we give tips
and hints about many aspects of
paddling Shelter Island. From the
best areas to see wildlife to the best
spots to catch fish, we will tell you
how to make the most out of your
paddling experience around one of
the last true jewels in the northeast.
  • Kayak fishing.
  • Bird watching.
  • Beachgoing.
Shelter Island, New York
(-72.33 Long., 41.06 Lat.)
Storm threatens Menhaden Lane.
Above: An early summer storm threatens Menhaden
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